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Navid Sharifzadeh


My background in sales and marketing along with my superior knowledge of the local markets and my special interest in interior design make me a single point of contact for all your home buying needs.

As a full time Realtor who is dedicated to providing the best level of service in the industry, I consider it my job to ensure that you are as informed as you want to be even before you decide to buy or sell a home. With all of the latest tools at my fingertips, I can provide you with more than just what you see on the internet.

I always use my experience to see the possibilities for my client when I show homes to them. I know what will work for my client and what will add value to a home.

I believe that most of my clients have had a positive experience with my services. I believe that we are a team and everyone has to work and communicate together.

Last but not least my real estate career is based on referral, without the help of you, and your continued support in sending me your friends and families, my career would not flourish.

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